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Passenger Handling

Ground handling services of passengers include services inside the airport terminal such as;

• Check-in Departing acceptance; boarding card and baggage.

• Transporting the passengers to the aircraft and keeps communication with the rest of the authorities at the airport.

• Safe acceptance of outgoing passengers to the aircraft.

• Lost & found service for incoming passengers.

• Incoming and outgoing VIP, unaccompanied minor and special care passenger services specially trained personnel

• For passengers with disabilities.

Cargo Handling

AHS Handling offers its customer airlines full international cargo handling services on the basis of the IATA Standard Ground Handling

• . Cargo Aircrafts Handling.

• . Loading/offloading.

• . CGO buildup/ break down

• . Flight documentation know-how

• . IATA Certified Dangerous Goods Handling Staff 

• . Special Cargo Handling (VAL, AVI, BIG and etc.)

• . CGO warehousing process (sorting – inventory etc.)

• . ULD Handling and Stock Control

• . Close interface with ramp services on the coordination of services and the seamless transfer of cargo between warehouse and aircraft parking ramp.

RAMP Services

We offer the following ground handling services with its experienced staff and state of the art

• Aircraft meeting and Ramp Marshalling.

• Load & Offload the airplane.

• Ground Equipment support.

• Internal cleaning – exterior cleaning – deep cleaning

• Aircraft toilet drainage and fresh water supplies.

• Passenger and crew transportation among airplane and the terminal.

• Storage, control and provision of statistic of pallets, containers and other unit load devices.

Flight Operation Service

• Flight permits and airports slots.

• Directing and delivering of the flight plan to the cabin crew.

• Preparation of weather forecasts and navigation information and delivering to the cabin crew.

Load Control and Engagement Service

• Cooperate with airplane servicing units.

• Directing and delivering of flight documents (general declaration, loading instruction, load sheet, manifest, weather forecast, flight plan, etc.)

• Load control, weight and balance calculations.

• Transmission and reception of all operational messages, emails and notification of all loaded units.

• Communication and engagement between airplane and ground services.

Representation and Supervision Services

• Making payments and/or issuing guarantees on behalf of the airlines to related authorities such as airport authorities, customs, immigration, etc.

And all services provided or listed above as per respective contracts.

• Establishing and maintaining contact with local authorities in the name / on behalf of the airline company.

• Preparing, transmitting and filing reports, statistics, documents, etc. related to flights operation as per respective contracts.

• Hotel accommodation reservation service.

• Crew town transportation with professional escorting.

VIP Handling

• AHS Handling commitment to world-class on-demand aviation services is supported by the largest network of Fixed Base Operations (FBOs) across the global. Each strategically located FBO provides luxury amenities, first-class support services and the highest quality ground handling and aircraft facilities. 

• We provide fully serviced luxury lounges, VIP ground handling, on-site customs/immigration and quarantine clearance and communication facilities to suit all leisure and business travel needs.

• Our VIP lounges offer a relaxing environment for transiting passengers and flight crew, are hosted by highly trained personnel and offer a range of concierge services 24/7.

• We handle all aircraft types from 747-400 to single engine aircraft. No aircraft is too large or too small.

• Our team can provide you with a comprehensive array of support services take care of all the needs of VIP passenger’s .ensuring a VIP service each and every time, through luxury vehicles on the ramp, and VIP hall.

Ambulance Handling

When time matters AHS Handling. Is the right Choice to handle your aircraft as quickly as possible. With 10 years of experience we secure very quick turn round. Assist medical crew informing report of case, get clearance for the ambulance car to be under the aircraft before aircraft arrival as in these flights time is life.

Overflight & Landing Permits

As we are twenty-four hours. AHS Operation Center is able to process flight clearance permits promptly and efficiently. We maintain close relationships with the Civil Aviation Authorities and authorized agencies around the world in order to secure over-flight and landing permits, even with a client’s short notice. We ensure that our clients get regular updates of flight clearance rules and any type of any political activity that may affect their journey. In addition to keeping the operator in touch with his aircraft movements.


We arrange fuel service at all our locations very fast and competitive, with AHS contract fuel as a part of the service that goes hand-in-hand with other ramp ground activity. Aviation fuel arrangements and the uplift supervision process is considered by our company to be a part of the services we offer to our customers. Working in the last decades on aviation fuel market, AHS Handling offers a total fuel management. Being our customer, our crew will attain all your fuel service’s needs:

• Volume discounts

• Uplift supervisory and personal attention

We provide fueling service in at following locations:-





• With 10 years of experience. AHS Handling provide all types of catering: VIPs – C class -Y class & Special requests through trusted catering companies.

• We provide our clients with a wide range of services Onboard Aircrafts and catering. Various delicious meals, designed professionally to suite all kinds of taste and all nations traditional food.

Our locations

We provide all the required logistic service, handling, and aviation solutions in at following locations:-